List of Services:
People Soft , SAP R/3, Lotus Notes, Oracle, SQL Server, Access, Power Builder, Visual Studio, C/C++, FoxPro, COBOL/ PL1, CICS/DB2, Networking, Windows NT/95/98, UNIX, AS400, Year 2000, Siebel, Vignette – Story Server. [top]

Onsite Consulting
AIC has over eight years of experience in providing on-site consulting services to clients in many different industries. AIC offers services in many areas including, but not limited to, Enterprise Application Integration, Database Administration, Systems Administration, Packaged Software implementation, Internet and e-Commerce, Mobile computing, Telecom, Client-Server, and Mainframe and Midrange application development.

Our consultants, for on-site consulting, are all certified professionals and undergo an ongoing training system that provides our clients with the latest knowledge, expertise, and technologies available via AIC’s consultants. Their continuous training and broad range of hands on experience in a variety of industries gives the clients an immediate access to individuals and teams that have the dynamic hands on experience needed to rapidly and thoroughly solve problems and deliver solutions. AIC’s consultants help the clients to thoroughly finish projects according to the budget, on time, and in the specified timeframe. [top]

In this approach, before beginning any work, the AIC team will meet with the customer team to work out the details of the project. The project scope, screen layouts, reporting, deadlines, functionality issues, and other information. are all thoroughly defined. A small prototype of the actual application may also be developed to understand the look and feel of the end product. Then, work moves to the AIC lab where progress reports will be made available to the customer at pre-agreed intervals. This approach is ideal for projects where:

  • The requirements have been defined in detail.
  • The project is unlikely to have any major changes.

AIC helps forward-thinking companies use outsourcing innovatively as a strategic tool to transform their enterprises
ERP/CRM Implementation. [top]

ERP/CRM Implementation

By applying our unique experience with pre-packaged solutions and business applications, AIC Consulting delivers maximum benefit to their clients. This includes knowledge transfer to ensure ongoing success. The pre-packaged solutions consist of Pre-Implementation, Implementation, and Support and Training Services for PeopleSoft and Oracle applications. In the Pre-Implementation Services, in order for AIC to prepare for the implementation, AIC provides project planning and change management as well as infrastructure assessment. In the Implementation Services, AIC uses their experience to maximize functionality and effectiveness. Their consultants have guided successful implementations of ERP in Solbay, Enron, GTX, and many other companies. For their ERP Support and Training Services, AIC provides the support structure and training necessary to continue the success of your ERP system and your organization after implementation.
For more information, please contact AIC at (312) 226-6582,

CRM strategies are focused on improving business productivity and lowering the cost of ownership. In order to do that, AIC looks at the analytics of CRM, turning data into useful information that enables better decision-making. AIC understands that CRM is a re-iterative process beginning with a set of initial items that are enhanced over time as the organization and their CRM implementation matures.

AIC has developed great outsourcing capabilities in the areas of application development, application maintenance & support and future enhancements. AIC works with clients to identify areas to be outsourced, which allows the customers to invest time and energy on other mission critical and important projects. AIC’s development methodology, maintenance, and support approach leads to a cost and time reduction and helps in improving control. In outsourcing, AIC assumes responsibility for the continuous process of maintaining and ameliorating existing software. AIC has the ability to maintain application software, software products, and system software regardless of platform, operating system or language. [top]

Businesses require resources, knowledge, and skills to provide support for their IT services. AIC can assist the clients in the design, implementation, and operation of their IT support services. The services of AIC are often used to define and operate help desks for clients responsible for achieving high service levels. Additionally, AIC provides experts to work in support groups that are successful at achieving the highest level of client/customer satisfaction and thorough problem resolution. [top]

Consulting (Management & Technology)
AIC Consulting provides many services including outsourcing, on-site and off-site product development, in-house projects, project management, and computer based training.

In-house projects:
As part of our value-added service, AIC offers fully equipped facilities designed for in-house training and software development. AIC’s ready-to-use office presents a fast and reliable solution to all off-site development and training needs.

Project Management:
Full life-cycle, including planning, design, analysis, and implementation phases of a project are managed. AIC supervises in-house or on-site developers through performing quality reviews, training, and continual management updates to ensure success of clients’ projects. Our employees and consultants are capable of providing excellent development expertise in a variety of advanced technical environments.

Computer Based Training:
Based on our in-depth experience in the Data Processing industry, we believe training and knowledge transfer are key to the success of our clients. AIC’s services are designed to efficiently transfer our tools and methodologies to our clients. We offer various classes, lectures, workshops and seminars which can be conducted either at our client’s site or at our fully-equipped facilities or at any temporary project sites which can be conveniently located throughout the Chicago Metropolitan area.

Placement and Recruiting: Staff augmentation
Many companies and IT departments find it challenging to respond to the constantly changing technology needs and initiatives when using only internal staff. In order to acquire the state-of-the-art skills in a timely and cost-effective manner, many companies turn to AIC for quality solutions. AIC offers companies the ability to quickly respond to technological enhancements by strategically acquiring the state-of-the-art skills while managing available resources.

AIC gives its clients the ability to deliver IT resources to their organization quickly and efficiently, via the brainpower of highly trained IT consultants and specialists. Reliable IT professionals from AIC can help take the client’s company to the next level while giving them the flexibility to take on their greatest challenges without the expense, delay, or inconvenience of lengthy recruiting and assessment processes.