The proliferation of mobile devices and the potential of anytime, anywhere information exchange provides an opportunity to re-evaluate many of the business processes underpinning a high-performance business. With an eye on the future, AIC's Mobile Solutions group delivers extensive experience in implementing innovative, mobile technology-based business applications such as online trading and wealth management, mobile supply chain management, telematics, field force enablement and customer relationship management. [top]

Alliance partners develop and deliver cost-efficient, innovative business solutions based on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and other .NET technologies. AIC's deep industry expertise and practical applications of leading-edge technologies help our clients achieve high performance. [top]

Enterprise solutions are software applications that allow people to access and manage real-time information and transaction processes across an entire organization. AIC enterprise solutions help the clients to achieve high performance. AIC’s innovative solutions deliver value by increasing process efficiency; enhancing workforce productivity; cutting operating costs; boosting employee and customer satisfaction; and enabling better, faster decisions. [top]

AIC provides innovative solutions and services for managing customer relationships that optimize operating performance and accelerate financial results. We help high-performance businesses acquire data-driven insights into market dynamics and customer needs, and then translate these insights into practical actions that generate tangible value—quickly, affordably and with minimal risk. Business Architecture and Solutions Managing business intelligence is vital to achieving high performance. Our innovative Business Intelligence solutions bring together technology and business processes to retrieve, use and share information for better decision-making. These solutions are instrumental in supporting competitive organizational initiatives such as corporate performance management, supply chain effectiveness and customer relationship management. [top]

Web Services
AIC uses its Web services capabilities and collaborative partnerships to deliver innovative integration-based solutions that enable high performance. The term "Web services" refers to a set of communication protocols and technical standards that enable computer programs to share information via the Internet. Web services technologies are driving down integration costs through more efficient application-to-application integration and will likely enable service-oriented architectures as the dominant form of delivery of interoperable business solutions. This will help transform a range of commercial activity into Internet-delivered services that will drive new revenue. [top]

AIC’s Stragic Consulting Group helps top management achieve greater business value from IT. They have a clear perspective: IT is not only a cost, but a critical contributor to the business, focused on improving business value and performance. [ top]

Supply Chain Management
The AIC Supply Chain Management (SCM) group is committed to helping our clients build effective supply chains that enable them to adapt innovatively to changing conditions, seize opportunities and achieve high performance. [top]